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At Gagan Organics, we’re all about making your plants and soil happy in the most natural way possible. Our products, Vermicompost and Vermiwash, are like superfoods for your garden, giving your plants the best nutrition and care they deserve.

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Our products are carefully made to be super awesome for your plants. We make sure every bag and bottle is full of plant-loving goodness.


We're committed to Eco-friendly practices that reduce waste and promote a healthier environment and we are best supplier in India.

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We care about our customers, and our main aim is to give you awesome products and help you reach your gardening and farming dreams.


We know our stuff well. Every product we have is made with lots of knowledge and passion from our side, and our reputation speaks for itself.

Kisan Vermicompost
50kg ₹ 750/- Rich in organic carbon , all macro and micro nutrients, Kisan vermicompost is the best and most economical choice in your journey to go organic. It is treated with neem and strains of trichoderma developed to suit the climate change needs. Vermiwash
1 ltr ₹ 300/- Our vermiwash is a growth promoter as well as a pest resistant. Packed with copious nutrients, enzymes and hormones, this liquid fertilizer works magic on your crops. Convenient to use with drip irrigation and spray. Glossy Foil Chips Packet Mockup Kisan Vermicompost
5kg ₹220/- kisan vermicompost is rich in nutrients which are slowly released to your garden or kitchen garden plants making them healthy and happy. It does not cause plants to burn. Best product for green luscious garden.